We want to live in a healthy community.

In a healthy community everybody contributes their individual talents. The community can strive as the qualities and talents are complementing each other. Not sharing your talents makes you ill. It is not the time to hold back.


Embrace mistakes and learn from them.

Change doesn’t come from knowing or thinking. As soon as you start doing, you will make mistakes. But the biggest mistake is not getting started at all.

Together we are more.

Life is abundance. Living in a community enriches us. Together we can accomplish more than alone.

Be respectful of others.

Meet everyone at eye level. You don’t have to agree on everything, but respect others and their opinions as much as your own.

Live by example.

Finding fault with others is easy. Living by example is a challenge. As Gandhi said „Be the change you want to see in people.“ You cannot expect others to change if you yourself are not trying and staying in your comfort zone.

Take time to do things, and take time to rest.

A successful life requires a balance between activity and passivity. Nothing in nature runs sustainably in one mode only. Also take the time to enjoy and celebrate what you have achieved. And time to think.

Question everything.

Do not take anything for granted. Don’t work with rules. Question your own beliefs.

Everything goes both ways.

Life is no one way street.

Be at your best, always.

Be generous.

Be generous. Even if it is just your honest opinion or a no. Don’t hold yourself back.